global career institute

Adeptness & Mastery

The private and public corporations deserve to have skilled and proficient employees, we realize that creating employees and entrepreneurs begins with us, hence GCI uses the Industry and Competency-Based approach to learning and education in specific related skills and knowledge.



Excellence in Service

We serve our students, staff, and communities with pride. Serving with excellence is an integral part of our Institute, GCI programs, and services benchmarked using international learning standards, through rigorous auditing and quality assurance processes. GCI remains committed to continuous improvement.

Quality Driven

At the Global Career Institute, we acknowledge that they are three main pillars necessary to deliver quality education to our students. 

1.Quality Lecturers, GCI hires only the best industry experts to facilitate, and tutor students in its programs. 

2.Quality learning tools, having the right tools and LMS is necessary for our student’s professional development, our LMS facilitates ease of access to learning materials for both Students and Lecturers,

 3.Quality Learning environment, it is no secret that if students are positioned in the right environment the develop faster, a quality learning environment is conducive to students learning.

Building School Communities

When you call or walk into The Global Career Institute, you instantly feel a sense of warmth and belonging…GCI has a welcoming and Inclusive environment. We continuously build our student communities and actively engage in community outreach programs to support our senior citizens and young adults.


The Global Career Institute is guided by its ethical and moral principles. We understand Integrity is the foundation of good leadership and good business, demonstrating this value is integral to gaining and maintaining the trust of our students, stakeholders, staff, and community. We are committed to our values, and we protect our company culture through our commitment to possessing integrity, beginning at an organizational level.