Education & Empowerment.


At GCI, we believe that education can be a great equalizer. We are committed to stimulating discussion and encouraging critical thinking, empowering our students to make confident, informed educational and career decisions.


We aim to educate the next generation of qualified, confident professionals and leaders through quality, accessible higher and vocational education. Our goal is simple; to help students from all backgrounds and cultures gain access to quality education. 


Adopt and maintain best Educational Industry practices: We ensure our courses and training staff follow both international and global standards in education. 

Diversification: We are a regional institution! We welcome students of all backgrounds and countries to enroll in our programmes.  

Student Empowerment: We don’t just teach; instead, we transform our students into competent professionals. 

We’re proud to have helped nearly 3,000 local and international students from Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada, Barbados and many more! get the training and education they need to succeed in a huge variety of industries.