Learning at the Global Career Institute is all about flexibility. We believe everyone
should have access to Higher Learning Education, despite their challenges and
circumstances. If you’re studying via Distance Learning, your weekly studies are carried
out as and when it suits you. With so many ways to access your learning resources, be
it by laptop, phone or tablet, you can fit study around your life.

This new way of studying provides the best of face-to-face and online learning. You
attend practical sessions at an assigned clinical facility,with other students, and carry
out the rest of your weekly study independently using the online materials you’re
provided with. You upload coursework and assignments to a secure online LMS, with
easy access to a tutor via email. Our Blended Learning model enables you to complete
a full diploma course with your independent online learning.

If you enroll in a GCI Distance Learning course, there is no campus time and no fixed
timetable – instead, you study from home, as and when it suits you. We provide you
with all the study materials you need, a team of expert tutors and other support to get
you through your studies and the qualification you gain at the end is the same as any
other Institute Diploma or Certification. We simply make the process easier. You get
access to all our online materials and support.

You’ll need a device with an internet connection to access and download your learning
materials. Ideally, this will be a computer or laptop – but you can also access our LMS
on your tablet or mobile phone.


Your learning materials are developed by subject specialists and have been developed
with your future career in mind – so you don’t just learn the theory to help you pass your
exams, but also real-life, practical examples to make things easier to understand and to
help you thrive in the workplace. As well as access to your modules in our online portal,
you will also find discussion forums, study schedules, an online library and text books,
all FREE..


While you can choose to do this, there are other options. You can pay in installments.
Speak to our administrator if you’d like to know more.
*Subject to eligibility.


You can pay using our Online Payment, Direct Bank Payments, PayPal. We accept
credit and debit cards (Paypal,Visa and Mastercard).

Tuition fees are required to be paid in accordance with the Student Payments Policy &
Procedure and by the dates included on a student’s Offer of Admission, which is the
30th of every Month – Enrolment Agreement. Students are not enrolled until all
registration and administrative fees have been paid.
What if I can’t pay my fees by the due date?
GCI may approve an extension of time to pay tuition fees in exceptional or compelling
circumstances. To apply for an extension of time to pay, students can send an email to
[email protected]


We are accepting applications and classes are ongoing.
Fill the Application Form
Upload your Certificates and a form of ID
Make your registration and your tuition down payment fee via bank transfer, and
whatsapp proof of payment.
Fill the Payment Agreement Form (If Applicable)
Log Into the LMS Using the credentials the Administrator provided you with


Yes, ! GCIs’ certified courses are accredited and offered jointly by the American Medical
Technologist, American Medical Certification Association, the Institute of Professional
and Executive Studies UK, are a few of the international bodies we work closely with. All
of whom employers recognize.


For the Geriatric Nursing Programme there are no entry requirements, all other
programmes require a minimum of 5 cxc passes.


Option 1: Receive your certificate digitally
Option 2: Certificates are posted to you directly via mail/courier.


Applicants who have worked in the related industry within the last five years, may be
eligible for admission to a GCI course For more information on this process, contact our
office directly.


Utilizing our blended learning option means that your theoretical aspect is online,
however, your practical learning aspect will be held face to face with your clinical
instructor. The administrator will send out your schedule via email with location, time
and date of your sessions.